What profession would you have, if you could do anything, assuming that education, cost, and other obstacles did not apply? If you already have a profession, choose something other than what you are doing now.

I would be an economist (duh!) or a writer.
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I always wished that I had a beautiful voice (I don't) because I love music and nothing would be more fun than making a living making great music.

Since that is NOT even possible (due to the voice), I would love to be a teacher, but not in the public school system sense. In an atmosphere where I had just a handful of kids to REALLY teach, to see them get excited about learning. That would be great!
When I grow up, I want to be an .......

I think I skipped school the day we did this assignment :-P
Astronomer/astrophysicist, musician (obstacle of talent), playwright, "triple-threat" theater actor, radio artisan, historian, professional baseball player, giggolo, demagogue, minor god.

-tour guide at a tropical resort/spa getaway
-doggie day care
-yoga instructor
-massuese for a professional hockey team. heh
If there is no obstacles, even ethical, I would probably enjoy being the head of the secret police in a country
with very lax rules when it comes to intelligence gathering. Problem would be that I would enjoy it too much and I would end up
digging my own grave.

A more nurturing - for myself and humankind - profession would be to be a visionary in a think tank and then I would also be in a controlled environment.

As they say in "High Fidelty", my top 5 would be....
1. An Artist
2. An art historian
3. Yoga instructor
4. Teacher/Art therapist
5. A massage therapist (because I was one, loved it and am working to do it again)
I'd be a cryptozoologist. (I already have a degree in biology too!)
What are coobeasties?!

I want to be a writer of fluff and silly things. Really. That's all.
You did not read the rules, young lady. You cannot choose what you already are. I was most exact on this point.
professional philosopher
No, NOT a teacher.

I'm willing to be a teacher and writer as part of the package, in the real world. @political is sort of an attempted step in that direction.

Have you got another article for me yet?
Trend forecaster. Reading William Gibson's Pattern Recognition made it even more desirable - all high tech and espionage-y and shit.
I would have been a particle/theoretical/computational physicist.