Qwest Still Sucks

I don't trust Qwest. Ever. They've screwed me around too many times and having to contact the attorney general to get them to stop sending me bills for "Shirley" really tweaked me. So when I'm checking out some online information on them, I noticed the following little tidbit (emphasis mine):

All submitted information is treated as confidential by Qwest.
We never share the information gathered without your permission.
See our Customer Privacy Policy for further details.

Well, OK. I'll check out their privacy policy because I'm pretty curious how they define the word "never". I usually think it means "not ever", but hey, I am not a lawyer.

As a general rule, Qwest does not release customer account information to unaffiliated third parties without your permission unless we have a business relationship with those companies where the disclosure is appropriate. For example, we may hire outside companies as contractors or agents; or we might be engaged in a joint venture or partnership with a company. Upon occasion, Qwest may decide to stop providing a service or may decide to sell or transfer parts of our business to unaffiliated companies. When this happens, we may provide confidential customer information to these companies so that they can offer you the same or similar services. In all of these situations, we provide information to these other companies only as needed to accomplish our business objectives and the companies are bound by requirements to keep Qwest customers' information confidential.

That's why I would never make it as a lawyer, see? I don't even know what "never" means. How could I possibly follow along when big words like "integrity" and "decency" are being used?

Qwest does suck, and Verizon sucks worse (have had them both). MCI is really sucky too. SBC sucks as well, but less than the other 3.

Wherever you go, crappy phone service. The best phone company I ever had was the last place I lived. . . only a small local phone company, but damn did they rock. The big boys could learn a thing or three from them.
Qwest blah.
I get sick every time I watch those stupid Qwest "spirit of service" bullshit ads on TV. I have to wonder why the company insists on spending tons of money on advertising when they could be applying those resources to support.
> That's why I would never make it as a lawyer, see? I don't even know what "never" means. How
> could I possibly follow along when big words like "integrity" and "decency" are being used?

Oh, they got drugs for that disability nowadays. You would be a fine lawyer. ;)
how about AT&T
I used to be semi pleased with AT&T's customer service until recently. 1-2 months ago they changed calling centers. The current call center resides within Seattle, WA. The people there are rude, and seem to generally be unwilling to assist you with issues.

Curtis, you officially gave me my laugh of the day. Thanks


Okay so as someone who worked for Satan -- OOPPs I mean Qwest (how could I have said the wrong one???) anyhoo.... part of the federal law states that when a portion of a phone company gets sold, given away or whatever --- they have to provide the customers info to that company for the fair trade act between phone companies-- the other part to that is so that the customer may not lose what ever service is being provided and has the opertuinity to decline or accept the new companys offer.

It helps in one way that you dont lose your voice mail if they sell that portion off, or if it was too expensive before than the other co can let you know that they can offer a different price.....

Qwest has a lot of different departments, pcs, dsl, reg phone etc.... they are allowed to call you and try to sell you their stuff even if you have a no share on your acct --- why ??? because legaly the federal goverment said it was okay... you have to request a no call on internal promotions as well.... kinda sucks ....but hey that one is not Qwests fault (even though I think they are satan)

Alot of it a bunch of gray area for the internal stuff butunlike other companies that will sell your info like name, address, phone #, and possibly your ss# to radom junk mail lists Qwest as a company policy will never do that ( I think it is the one and only nice thing they do for their customers)
Some companies will pay up to $1.50 per contact name---which may not seem like much but when you think of the millions of accounts most utilitty companies have .... you do the math\

Okay sorry I am done with my explination now----- I still think I am going to hell with out the curitsy of the hand basket because I worked there for so long
Lawyer's perspective
As someone in iminent danger of graduating from lawschool, I'd just like to say that even lawyers find this kind of doubletalk absurd and really, really funny.
Re: Lawyer's perspective
Yeah, my friend eliish is also a lawyer. When she lived in Portland, we'd have long talks about weird issues like this.

Out of curiosity. how the heck did you stumble across this entry? Seems very random.
Re: Lawyer's perspective
As it turns out we're friends about 3 times removed. I think I thought some comment you made on someone elses page struck me as amusing so I decided to check out your journal. So I did. And this piece of legalese is a real find, so I thought I'd comment. That, I believe, is the end of the story.