Dick (redundant) Cheney

I have to bring my badge to work tomorrow or else I will be sent home.
We will have snipers on our roof.
Demonstrators are expected.

Dick Cheney is staying at the Embassy Suites hotel next to my office building.
OoOo, lucky you. I'd make some joke about something bad but then the CIA would come busting my door down. As cool as that would be, I don't have time to de detained right now.
i've emptied out my bag and my coat. so as to make their searching of me (they're bound to, all my shoes are steel toed) easier. i'm sure i'll be grumpy by the time i make it to my desk.

should be quite enjoyable.

i wonder how it will work out for those other businesses that don't have badges?

though it is tempting to just be sent home :)