Sometimes you just gotta laugh ...

In this thread, in response to a conservative who apparently doesn't like liberals yet wrote that he's thinking about voting third party because he's upset with Bush, one person replied:

Why don't you just pick up a gun and shoot our troops yourself?

I couldn't help but laugh. After I was done laughing, I tried to follow the train of logic here, but it kept jumping the tracks.
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If I recall correctly, the comment was that a vote for Dean was equivilent to shooting American troops.

The logic, which certainly does jump the track a few times, was apparently something like:

1) Dean says he opposed the war & claims to want to bring the troops home
2) therefore, Dean opposes the troops being in Iraq
3) therefore, Dean hates the troops who are in Iraq
4) therefore, supporting Dean means hating the troops who are in Iraq
5) therefore, supporting Dean is the moral equivilent of picking off our troops

I may be wrong on the precise details, but that seemed to be the basic gist.
Yeah, 'cause my thought process usually goes:

1.) President Bush and his cronies pushed for the internationally illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, in order to gain some control over the region. No immediate threat has been found in the area - much more immediate threats exist in Afghanistan and N. Korea.
2.) Nobody likes to be occupied, including Iraqis. Quite predictably, the Iraqis resist the occupation.
3.) Therefore, Bush has put the troops in harm's way for no reason other than Mideast political "strategery".
4.) Bush's only concern for the troops centers on how well they fit into photo ops.
5.) Therefore, supporting Bush is much more close to the moral equivalent of harming our troops.
I think those tracks ran right off a cliff.

While I don't necessarily agree with the rest of the thread, I'm impressed that people are at least discussing the topics.

I'm also thrilled the W is alienating his constituency.
That was a quite interesting read. I've noticed that no one has mentioned that legalizing all these workers will force BUSINESSES (W's biggest constituency) to pay more in wages, benefits, taxes, etc. He's actually hurting the economy and business with this action, regardless of what he may say.

And, uh, how will this STOP people from coming over? If anything it'll give them the greenlight to come on down. Hell, if cousin Jose can get away with it, why can't I?

I think whoever it was who mentioned the FTAA certainly had a right train of thought.
I knew when I read about the proposed reforms yesterday it would be quite unsettling to many "patriotic" Americans....tee--heee....