Loose Scrabble

_sister_madly_ and I were playing Scrabble by rather "loose" rules. We didn't challenge too much and we allowed slang. As a result, she didn't challenge me when I played some words I wasn't sure of, but when she added an "f" to "unbags", I immediately challenged it. I wasn't trying to be a jerk and deny her that slang word. I had honestly never heard of "funbags". As it turns out, neither did the Scrabble dictionary. images.google.com, on the other hand, did return a few eyebrow raising results.
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So you're basically saying that, given the "loose" rules we usually use, I was in fact CORRECT. Next time you don't believe me when I say something is porn slang for breasts, we're going straight to the computer for a Google search! I mean, that could have altered the outcome of the game, dammit.

For the record, I would like to point out to the world that you once tried to play "ovums."
Re: Ovums???
Does that mean that a single animal from a herd of alpaca would be an alpacum?

OK, I was stupid. It was a total and complete brain cramp :) Not one of my finer moments.
First, "ovums" was an act of mind-boggling idiocy on my part and I freely admit it.

Second, I would just like to point out how utterly pathetic it is that you and I are sitting about three feet apart at separate computers while we type these responses to each other.
OK, it's bad enough when you finish my sentences. Typing what I'm planning on posting is really going too far. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

Another moment of mind-boggling idiocy on your part: trying to spell "braille" as "braile." And you even speak French!

One more word out of you and I'll post our final score.

Eh, never mind. Here it is:

Me: 314
You: 238

And besides, you successfully challenged yet another misspelled word on my part in that game (one that would have gotten me more than your funbags -- er, that came out wrong).
It's the whole butterfly-flaps-its-wings-in-China syndrome. Not only was "funbags" worth 20+ points, I would have been able to draw three new tiles (the "f" came from the cross-word "oaf" that I was playing), THUS altering the course of the entire game.

Not that I'm bitter about losing. Again.

Sheesh. You've heard of that term too? Have I been living under a rock my entire life? You're putting me to shame.