Mad Cow

By now I suspect there are only three people left in the US who have not heard about the mad cow in Washington state. I've personally had moral qualms about eating anything produced by our meat industry (though I have no moral qualms about eating meat), but this was the last straw and as soon as I heard the news, I gave up beef. That's harder than it sounds.

Last night, I was at a restaurant and almost ordered a burger before I realized what I was doing. Today I left my lunch sitting on my kitchen counter and wound up buying food from vending machines at work. Somehow I failed to realize that "Beefaroni" contained beef. I ate it, but I now wish I hadn't.

Maybe just giving up meat completely would be easier. Were I to become a vegetarian, I suspect I would be far more cautious about what I order. Hmm ...
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beefeater alternatives...
Several of my meat-eating friends have turned to buying meat from trusted sources (including natural grocery food stores), and some of them have even turned to ordering organic beef directly from the ranchers. I think there are alternatives to the mass-produced beeforama.
I'm proud of you! My mom did the same thing. She heard the news and said, "Well, I'm done with beef now." And that is at least *something* good that has come out of this mess.

I'm currently typing up a little manifesto on my own vegetarianism. I definitely recommend it, and it's not as hard as it sounds - in fact it gets easier every day. It was also one of the best things I've ever done! I always recommend people try out vegetarianism for a day or a week or something. That way there's no commitment, but you get so see what it feels like. And if you end up switching back to meat in the end, you'll appreciate it that much more! :)

Whatever you do, good luck!
good job. it's not so hard...i havent had any beef or pork in years, although i added poultry back in once in awhile a couple yrs ago (quite hypocritical of me!). Wait, take that back. I haven't had any beef ON PURPOSE in years.

I was thinking last night about the time fairly recently that I ordered nachos at Muchas Gracias, hold the beef/meat. they held the BEANS! I ended up picking the meat off and giving it to the cats, but i'm sure I ate bits and pieces. How ironic if I were to come down with the mad cow! yikes!
This is why we buy our beef from a local grower. We like to purchase half a beef at a time. It saves a lot of money and we know how the cow was raised. I could never give up my meat. I just make wise choices.

Good luck with giving up beef.
your mileage may vary, but in my experience, once your body becomes accustomed to not having red meat, if you eat any, you'll get sick.

at least that's the experience marissa and i have had -- we both know when we've ingested red meat.
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Re: nothing related to your topic, but here's your translation from Japanese to English
Thanks! I was curious 'bout that :)
Don't worry, it will get easier... The only hard part is taking people's crap about it. My brother teases me a lot, but I haven't eaten red meat for about seven years, so I don't really care anymore. I used to be a very strict veggie, but added fowl and fish back in (wasn't getting enough protein in the diet). But I never went back to red meat, no-sir-ee!!! That stuff is nasty. I don't miss it a bit.
Going Vegetarian
Just got back from the Philippines or I would have replied sooner

Way back in a time than man forgot, I used to do a "no meat" fast one month out of the year. It was primarily to purge the body of the toxins that are attributed to consuming meat.

One year after the month was over - I realized that I didn't miss it - so I became a vegetarian.

Now I wasn't a fanatic by any stretch of the imagination. If I was in a social situation where there were no alternatives to eating meat, I ate it instead of making a fuss about being a vegetarian. If I felt I wasn't getting enough protein in my system, I would eat chicken or fish.

This was all well and good while someone was preparing my meals or I was able to pick and choose what I wanted to eat (a good portion of my time as a vegetarian was speant in the Army where I could get lot's of things like PB&J from a mess hall).

At one point the Army saw fit to give me extra money and refused to let me eat in the mess hall again. This was because my work schedule conflicted with the times the mess hall was open. Hmmm living in the barracks where we technically weren't even allowed a hot plate and the extent of our common room was a microwave - what's a starving man to do?

I went back to eating meat. I am just too damn lazy to try and be healthy and avoid eating meat. I can't imagine trying to be a vegan.

As others have noted - going back to eating meat might not be pleasant. Someone told me that you lose the enzyme that helps break down the red meat but I don't know how much, if any, water that holds. I have always had digestive problems so what was a few more stomach aches to have the convenience of ordering a burger at a drive through within a 100 meters of my house?

Good luck to you.