Cheap Movies

One of the nice things about working for the company that tracks much of Hollywood's revenue is that companies constantly send us movies. Many of them are screeners (they have annoying "not for sale or rent" at the bottom of the screen), but we still get them. As a result, I can check out as many movies as I want and it doesn't cost me a penny. No more renting videos for me.

Periodically we find that we have too many of these movies so we have a moviefest where for a small donation, you get movies. For $2.50, I just picked up the following DVDs:

The last one was the only movie I've heard of. The annoying thing about these movies is that I usually have not heard of them and I must wade through titles like "Adultery" and "Cheerleader Massacre" to get to things that might be interesting. As a result, I'm winding up with an eclectic mix of stuff.

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I remember hearing about smiling fish and goat on fire in previews but I never saw it after that. I always wanted to see it. If you hate it, send it to me ;)