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Crème Flambée

The crème brulée had set for about four hours, so it was time to take it out of the refrigerator and finish it. I took my first one, sprinkled a bit of white sugar on the top and then lit the torch to finish it off. None of this silly "broiling" for me.

Then the torch went out.

It was empty, so I refilled it and started glazing the sugar again.

Then the torch went out.

I tried refilling it again and realized that it was leaking butane pretty badly. Jenn came into the kitchen and helped me broil a couple of the desserts, showing me how to watch and turn them to glaze them evenly. Meanwhile, Mark was trying to get the torch working. He finally realized that so long as he kept filling the torch while it was lit, he could keep it running hot enough to glaze the remaining desserts.

Then his arm exploded.

It was pretty cool. While I must confess that using a leaky torch while filling it is not the brightest idea in the world, it was still pretty spectacular to watch the butane in the air ignite. It was a fireball a little larger then a basketball and it engulfed his right arm. He reached over with his left hand and brushed a bunch of burnt hair to the floor and it smelled pretty awful. Then he picked up the torch, the butane, and started again. Three explosions later, we had dessert.
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