Those darn Norwegian teen-agers. Don't they know it's rude to pet a stranger's hen?
All I knows is dat if someone lays a hand on my hen, we talkin' major whoopass time.

You don't touch my hen.

Aack! We can't have that. Rather than take a chance that I'd be responsible for your untimely demise (heck, we've never even met. I don't know if I'd want you dead), here's the text of the article:

An outing to a shopping center ended with a shock for 13-year-old Joakim Osland. A fjoesnisse, a kind of elf that traditionally occupies barns and wears a red cap associated with Christmas and Santa Claus, became frighteningly furious when Joakim tried to pet his hen, newspaper Firda reports.

Osland and two friends were at the shopping center over the weekend and went to see the fjoesnisse hired in to entertain customers. The nisse in question was standing with a wagon containing a little pig and a hen.

"I was a little curious. The hen didn't look like a normal hen," Joakim said. "She looked incredibly soft. I tried to pet her but she was so quick that she hopped away."

This seemed to drive the 'elf' berserk.

"He came up behind me and shouted at me. I didn't think elves did that kind of thing," Osland told the newspaper. "He grabbed me, first with one hand, then the other, so that he was strangling me. He said I should respect animals. The elf scared me a bit."

Joakim and his friends, Soelvi Hestvik, 15, and Rune Kristiansen, 15, thought the elf overreacted. After the throttling Joakim was red-faced, and had marks on his throat, they said.

"I was unlucky and grabbed (the hen) too hard, but I wasn't trying to hurt it. I love animals. I am used to having a cat, dog and parrot," Joakim said.

"Even so, a grown man shouldn't attack a 13-year-old," Soelvi said.
Ah hahaha... That jerk totally got what he deserved. Didn't mean to grab the hen that hard my ass! What is wrong with kids today?! No respect.