A New Program?

When a Web site is created, you can add what is called a "robots.txt" file to your pages to tell search engines what they should and should not visit. This has plenty of uses. What I'm curious about, though, is why the White House has a robots.txt file that seems geared toward ensuring that search engines don't index anything they say about Iraq. That's curious.

Now I'm thinking about writing a small program that will take all of the "disallowed" pages and archive them by date and later check for text differences to find out if the White House is redacting those documents.
i dont know you ... we never met ... wait why am i hear igotta go.....::::running away before the secret police come and arrest all of ovids friends:::::::
Politically subversive? moi?
your fabulous "president elect" is coming over to England by sky to scoff tea and crumpets with our boy Tony Blair. Many of the population and the mayor of London would like to say hello, but Mr. Bush doesn't want to see them! Isn't that mean?
Re: Politically subversive? moi?
For a moment, just a moment, I thought the browser was rendering the fonts incorrectly :)

I was reading about Bush's security team getting a bit overzealous in their desire to shut down London. Seems the man who acquired our Presidency isn't too popular over there. Makes me wonder how the heck Blair has managed to stay in power.
The robots.txt file is another example of Liberal Media Bias.

I'm glad you're on point for our side!
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