I'm just surprised this message is on a Baptist church sign. Still, I'm curious as to exactly what they are trying to convey.

Re: Interesting.
Actually, if you click on the image, it's a hyper-link to a "Create your own church sign" page. I created one, saved the image to my site and created a link to it. Wasn't trying to trip you up there :)
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Naughty trick there! Growing up in the South surrounded by Baptists - I was taken aback by this message on the sign. I guess it's good to know the Baptists are probably still the same old Baptists I remember.

Cute. :)

LOL!!! That is too fucking funny. After some of the crap I have received from my "religious" family lately, I just might have to borrow that phrase.
there's a church out here -- unfortunately we didn't get a picture of the sign, but it went something *like* this:

try something new
sun worship

wasn't quite that, it was a little bit worse.

i wish we would have gotten a picture.