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Does anyone know where I could find a list of email addresses for the various state Democratic parties? For example, the Oregon Democratic Party Website lists as a "General E-Mail". My intent is to send all of them an email asking them why the Democratic party is not making civil liberties a priority issue. Why aren't they asking tougher questions about Bush's foreign policy, particularly in Iraq? In the mail I have received from Pelosi and Daschle, not one word about either of those issues was to be found despite their tremendous importance. In fact, with only a few notable exceptions, the Democratic party has been silent until the public has screamed "enough". I want to remove Bush from office next November, but I cannot vote for a Democratic candidate who is little more than a Republican who doesn't lean quite as heavily to the right. I thought the Democratic party was supposed to be about caring for people, but somehow, I don't get that from them any more.

My only concern is sending out an unsolicited email "en masse". The Democrats have these email addresses available so people can send them unsolicited communication and I would not be offering anything other than my point of view, but if I were to create a program to handle communication with all of them simultaneously, would that be appropriate?
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I know you can get individual emails from

Beyond that, I'm not sure.

I've taken to writing actual paper letters to my representatives in Congress and the Senate. I've even written to those who don't represent me, but who represent areas where I work.

I'm collecting their letters and grading them based on grammar, content and sincerity of reply... and if they signed it themselves or not.

Course, I seem to have more free time at work than usual recently.