Best not to ponder why

I've always wondered about my female friends who tell me that most of their friends are men. Then I realized that most of my friends are women.
"Swivet". I learned a new word today. I'll forget it tomorrow, but today I am one word smarter.

Apparently your male "taco day" friends in high school had already developed a deep Zen wisdom. I am truly envious of them.

I suspect my female-to-male friend ratio has something to do with personal philosophies. Being a god-damned liberal, I find that I often relate to women's viewpoints better than men's. As an added bonus, women are more fun to look at.

I have always preferred having male friends over female friends. Right now I have about the same number of male as female. I agree with you -- men are much nicer to look at and hug than women.
That used to ALWAYS be true for me. When I was younger I could very rarely relate to the other girls around me, it seemed like their focus was somewhere else entirely. It also made me the girl that they would befriend in an attempt to hit on my guy-friends...

Now though, I have a pretty even distribution, I'm not sure if it is wisdom (*cough* age) or if it is perhaps motherhood that changed the ratio. In any case, I tend to hang with the girls that are like me and have the same history with more guy friends than girl friends, or (of course) guys ;)