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Lazy day

Just sitting around the house, drinking coffee and recovering from three days of going out. I probably shouldn't be doing that too much as it can get expensive after a bit. I hate having to watch my $$. At least it's only for a few months :(

Watching the pocketbook has another side effect: no Atkin's diet. I was thinking about going back on it as I had previously lost almost 25 pounds with virtually no effort and in only two and a half months. Unfortunately, it's not cheap so I might even have to (gasp!) exercise. I don't have much extra weight, but I have a small frame and my left knee and my back experience more pain with only a few extra pounds (yeah, yeah, yeah, listen to the pity party :)

Not really sure what I want to do today. I probably won't go anywhere (I've declined dinner at a friend's house) and will probably just sit around and do some more programming. Someone took some of my AI (artificial intelligence) programming work with Perl and completely transformed it into a stunningly elegant system. It was jaw dropping how well it worked, but I hate the interface. I've been trying to come up with ways of improving the that, but I suspect that I could spend a lot of time coming up with a great system that no one would understand because people in the Perl community don't do a lot of work with AI. Bummer.

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