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Brain for Sale. Hardly used.

After a wonderful weekend of drinking, debauchery, and an unidentifiable scrawl found on piece of paper in my pocket, I once again have my emotional batteries recharged so as to face the work week with enough zip to suppress my tendency to occasionally wonder "is this all there is?"

Part of the weekend was spent with Tony while he gave my bike a tune-up. I then spent a fair chunk of change buying the accessories necessary to turn it into a commuter bicycle. Tomorrow morning, I will ride it to the Max, take the train to work, loiter for 9 or so hours and then cycle home. The quick route involves taking Sandy Boulevard back to my apartment. Were I to do that, the world's population would briefly drop by one and the Earth would cease to revolve (actually, I'm not sure the Earth will cease to revolve, but I won't be in a position to hear you yell "I told you so").

As I am looking forward to more drinking, debauchery, and conversations with various handwriting experts and/or cryptographers regarding the meaning of the scrawls on the aforementioned piece of paper, I've decided that I will be taking the Marine Drive trail from an undisclosed location near the airport, down to 33rd. From there it's pretty much a straight shot to my apartment. I measured the distance on the map, checked the legend, did the math and realized that it wasn't as far of a drive as I thought. Then I realized I did the math wrong and knitted my brow while redoing the figures. 13 miles. Not as bad as it could be, though. I used to ride 25 miles a day. Of course, I used to be about 50 pounds lighter, too.

After a while of doing riding back from work, I would like to take my bike both ways. I'm told there's a shower at work, but I can't see me pulling a wrinkled dress shirt and slacks out of my backpack. Not very professional. I wonder how others pull it off.
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