That sounds more cruel than fun... If ya ask me (which, of course, you didn't)...
Well, I must confess to having an odd sense of humor. I think of things like this, but I rarely act on them. :)
Well, not that I'd be a likely target, but I'm sure glad you don't act then ;) I would prolly shrivel up and die or something... (again with the luck at the odds of me being a target! *whew*)
Well! It is fairly chilly outside (you know, the way October is supposed to be), but too cold to wear all the best Halloween costumes. Frightfully nice out though, otherwise. :)
(Ovid concedes)
OK, you win. There's weather. I was trying to whistle and pretend it wasn't there, but it was. Or is. Or something like that.

I'm glad it's there, though. I was getting kinda worried about how warm it was staying. Last year, fall just managed to barely hang in there until spring came. It was disturbing :(
Oh...that sounds very interesting. I guess I would have to get some friends first LOL. I will remember to watch my back around you :-)
now i see how it works!

yo, that's fucked up. hehehehehheheheeh. Scorpio Approved!