Oops -- Read the Fine Print

This might be in the "TMI" department.

I was running low on underwear. So I bought more underwear. Too bad I didn't read the box carefully. I am now the "proud" owner of three pairs of men's "fashion thong underwear".
Thanks for bringing a giggle to my day... that's just fabulous!

At least you didn't pick up a gaff by accident.
oh my. :)

i got lucky, marissa used to work at the gap, and every week came home with tons of boxers. even when i'm "out" there's still about 5 pair hanging around waiting to be found.
When is the preview?
I needed a good laugh today. Thanks.

I did a similar thing to my son the other day. Right after he was sick with the flu we had gone into town for something. On the way he had a slight accident. So I sent him into the bathroom while I went and picked up some new underwear for him. I was in a hurry and didn't read the fine print. He ended up with Boxer Briefs instead of just briefs. He is Spirited and will not wear anything that doesn't feel just right so I ended up having to buy him an additional package just so that we didn't have to go home right then.

Ok...now I am laughing. I am getting a visual. Are you going to model them for us?????
Re: When is the preview?
Um, no. I'm not going to model them, thanks :) I'm actually wearing a pair today because I had no other underwear clean and I must say that I find them uncomfortable. Rather than go with a "string" up the back, there's a more macho "strip" about an inch wide. It doesn't sit well with me.
Re: When is the preview?
I can see you walking around your office trying to get the macho "strip" out of the crack. LOL I have never been one who was able to wear a g-string. It could have something to do with my plentiful bottom....or maybe just the fact that it feels like you a continuous wedgie all day.

Thanks for the great laugh today. We are laughing with you and not at you....really.
Re: When is the preview?
It doesn't sit well with me.

I think I nearly fell off my chair laughing at your, perhaps unintentional, play on words.

Doesn't sit well... where? Or when you sit? ;)

ROFL. . . thanks for the humorous story! I really needed one today. Sorry for the, umm, inconvenience (?) you're experiencing today.

I can only imagine the first words out of your mouth when you got them home and realized what you had done. . . ;)

Have a good evening!
A long time ago a friend gave me a beautiful bra and underwear set for my birthday-the undies were a thong. I never thought I would wear one but it was laundry day and it was the only clean pair in the drawer. They quickly became my favorite and now that is all I buy. The way I see it is the your undies creep to the crack anyway-so it feels better to have less material there :)
Nah... more like the LMAO department : )... Just teasing!!

You poor thing! At least you're handling it MUCH better than I would have, had I made the same mistake with a batch of girls' panties. I probably would have been pretty pissed with myself, in all actuality... The idea of something creeping up my backside like that is enough to make my skin crawl.

I suppose it's too late for you to try and return them?

I so wish I could see these in person. What COLOR?