Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

An international view on dealing with gun massacres

People kept asking my opinion of the Sandy Hook tragedy so I wrote a post explaining one way of possibly mitigating the problem in the US.

That post was for my expat blog. For my rather neglected personal blog (the other one, not LJ), I also wrote a bit about the problem. I managed to piss off an (ex) friend for having the temerity to admit that there's a problem! She's a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and though I've stated plainly (more than once) that I support the 2nd Amendment, I never said a single word about taking away guns, nor did I blame gun owners or otherwise threaten 2nd Amendment rights, she went on such a tirade on my Facebook page that I finally had to unfriend her. Apparently, according to her, because I don't live in the US (later changed to "not doing what she thinks I should do to help America"), I no longer have a right to speak my mind.

We expats get that sort of bullshit a lot, but it's sad when it comes from someone I had considered a friend.
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