Weird night

Regrettably, the Back Room is all but dead. Sean, ***** and I left after about an hour there. Were there more people there, we would have stayed. I signed a petition for them to get their liquor license back, but the OLCC is notorious for being unresponsive.

After we left, we hit Nu Rotic, only to find out that they had last call at midnight, so we finally went down to check out Satyricon and Embers. Satyricon had hip-hop, but Embers had some decent music playing (I was surprised), even though the crowd was a bunch of frat boys and girls. I had a woman in an Adidas warm-up suit hitting on me at one point and telling me to "shake it". She was hot to trot, but it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her. She was a little too drunk, a little too obnoxious, and far too ready for action. Ugh.

After that, we were invited to a rave by a friend of a friend and we decided to check it out. The music was terrible, the Pabst Blue Ribbon left a lot to be desired and, when we tried to leave, we discovered that the door wouldn't open. After much pushing on our side and pulling from the other, it finally opened up, but I was beginning to think we were going to have to crawl out a window of the warehouse. And the "friend of a friend" turned out to not be such a cool person. He was carrying a gun. I was pretty pissed off to find out that I had offered a ride to someone who thought that waving a gun was a bright idea. Naturally, I didn't say anything to him. Telling someone off when they are armed is not a good idea.

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On a totally unrelated note..
I'd be that strange woman who was fondling you (or at least your coat and your hair) tonight. Hi, and stuff.
Re: On a totally unrelated note..

Hi there. Just a wee bit toasty last night, eh? :)

And you missed the "closing time" fun. Sean, *****, and myself walked out of the club and we didn't get two steps outside when some jerk starts screaming "oh, it's the Matrix! I better call Mr. Smith!"

Ignoring that it's "Agent Smith" and not "Mr. Smith", this guy was leaning forward, glaring at us like he was just looking for a fight. What a punk.

Update: deleted and reentered because of that irritating "auto-format" feature. Grr ... I'll have to check to see how to turn that off in preferences.

Re: On a totally unrelated note..
Was the toastiness showing too much? Ah well. It was a special occasion in a way. I'm not usually the drunk girl, but I do usually molest hair and coats like yours.

You should have told the jerk that Mr. Smith went to Washington. Ok, maybe that's a little too Jimmy Stewart obscure.
Who is *****

In my journal entries, I have no problem mentioning Sean and Lainie as they are my closest friends and it's kind of impossible to avoid that. However, others who I hang out with might not appreciate being identified and, rather than ask all of my friends "hey, can I use your name in the LJ", I just don't unless I'm relating some sort of group event where everybody and their dog knows who I am talking about. For example, if Cedric was leaning over the railing unswallowing his drinks on the unsuspecting passerbys (this never happened, it's just an example!), then that might be public enough for me to mention the name.

However, whenever I hang out with *****, whoever that might be at any given moment, anyone who's there would know. I'm not trying to hide anything, just trying to offer a bit of respect for the privacy of others. Of course, I just trying this idea out and it may change over time. I know others who have a pseudonym for all of their friends. That would be a bit difficult for me to keep track of.

Re: Who is *****
As long as you're able to judge what things might be embarrassing or private, I wouldn't bother. It seems a little overly PC, if you know what I mean. I don't see anything wrong with talking about people in normal situations. If it could be considered "talking behind their back" due to the situation involved, then I can see it. But whatever, it's your journal and you do things whatever way you feel comfortable with. =)
I wondered about the **** thing too.

And you though going to a rave would be a good idea :) although the PBR sounded good!