Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Still No Privacy

Nope. You have no privacy on the 'net, but you knew that. A few weeks ago, there was a "who do you have a crush on" thing going around. A few days ago, the scum who made that started selling the "secret crush" information. Of course, anyone who posted to that should have known that was a possibility. I did, but I filled out my crush list anyway ...

While on the subject of privacy, here's a tip for the ladies: if you respond to someone's personal ad, don't send them your frickin' phone number!!! Also, use a free, separate (and anonymous) email account. You can sign up for one at Yahoo! amongst other sites. Why do I say this? Because I have a personal ad on Portland Mercury. Because this ad is one of the three funniest personal ads in the history of the personal ads, I've gotten plenty of replies and some of the women responding are not terribly cautious.

Case in point: one woman replied with her phone number and first name. I was surprised that she would do something like that, but perhaps I am just overly paranoid? I decided to see how bad this really could be. Within less than half an hour, I had her full name, I knew she probably lived alone and I had an aerial photo of her house. I felt creepy having done this, even though I knew why I was doing this. I felt so creepy that I never responded to her. Who knows? She might have been a nice person, but I'll never know.
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