TV or not TV. That is the question.

I don't watch TV. I'm not one of those people who claims not to watch it but confesses to a guilty pleasure of "such-n-such" shows that I just HAVE to catch. I just flat-out do not watch TV.

Which is why I'm astonished to find a reason why I might get cable: The Cable Science Network
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My seven temptations of cable TV.

1. The History Channel
2. Tech TV (Just for Cat Schwartz baby.)
3. Cable Science Network
4. UW TV
5. VH1

err...did I say 7? I guess I meant 5.


I have no idea why you would get The Cable Science Network. I find it rather funny.

I myself, do watch tv on occasion. Since I have young kids, they tend to watch cartoons but I do not watch it with them. I am not sure if I could give it up completely. But I would rather turn on the radio than the tv.
wow that looks really cool

I'll have to check if we get it or not

my fav networks are

history channel or the hitler channel as sean and I call it
tech tv (w00t!)
food network