Two Weeks of Hell for Nothing

In order to force myself to finish the project I was working on, I agreed to give a small talk about it. That talk was scheduled for last night and I knew that I had better have something to show the audience. As a result, I've managed to tell pdx42, _sister_madly_, eliish, ntnrmlgirl and many other friends that I was "busy" and wouldn't be able to do anything until after the presentation.

Which was cancelled.
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I was going to ask you how that went. Darnit.

I only have two weeks left to bother you. Got any free time coming up?
Yeah, last night was a pisser. Oh well :/

You only have two weeks, thus you get dibs on my time. How does Sunday sound?
I was bummed I didn't get to hear your talk, BUT it was very interesting to meet your fellow mongers :)
Was it interesting? We can be a bunch of geeks.

The one sitting to your right and showing you the Burning Man photos was my friend Mark. He, his wife and I are great friends.

The lady sitting a couple of places to your left was Allison Randal, the president of the Perl Foundation and one of the designers of the Perl 6 language. The gentleman *cough* :) to her left is a rather popular Perl author by the name of Randal Schwartz.

There are a few other Perl luminaries in this town who weren't there. In short, if you want to learn Perl, we have some of the most famous people in the language living in Puddle Town thus giving you access to some pretty serious heavy-hitters in the language (which, to be frank, doesn't mean squat to most people).

Maybe next month ... :)
I figured out Mark, Ben, Joe and the author Randall... I was too nervous (shy?) to introduce myself to Alison... I am such a dork. I did think it was interesting, obviously, not what I expected, but that is not a bad thing.

I think knowing what sort of folk are involved in the Perl community is very enlightening and who knows, maybe I will be among you all one day... *looks ominously into the distance*

Today I finally had time to do a bit of research, first time in atleast a week I've had time to myself to do some looking around. I know WAY more about Perl in general today than I knew yesterday, I'm sure I seemed like some kind of freak, geek-groupie last night, ugh.

Anyway, I hope next time I get to hear your talk :)
Didn't you grow as a person? Didn't you learn new things about yourself? Weren't there new colors you saw, new flavors you tasted? Exciting new keyboard shortcuts you discovered?

:Yoda voice: Damn occidentals. Always the destination they want, never the journey.

so. Do you want to kick my ass at pool sometime?
I tasted some new colors, actually. I think there was something in my drink.

I would be honored to strike your posterior with my foot. Pray, let me know when and where. My niggardly availability is almost as scandalous as my crapulence.
I want to annoint you with frankencense and mirrh for using three of my favorite words: "niggardly," "crapulence," and "when."

Myrrh? Mihrir? Muhrr? Meh.

Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. How 'bout a week from tonight, being the 16th?
Yeah, Rialto sounds marvy. Where the hell is that place again? Down on 2nd, downtown?