Self-motivation -- the hard way

Oops. I'm going to be one of the speakers at the next Portland Perl Mongers meeting. I'm doing a "lighting talk" on software that's still in development and has no documentation. I'm going to look pretty stupid giving a talk on vaporware so I've been working my tail off trying to finish the software. It's going to be cool, though. At the end of the talk, I'll give a little demo of how an artificially intelligent character in a game might behave under conditions it's never experienced. On the off chance that you're interested in Perl, you might want to come down and take a look.
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Congrats, kiddo! I don't have much understanding of Perl, but it sounds awfully interesting. Keep us updated on the when and where!
Thanks Brandy. Unfortunately, unless you have a strong interest in programming, it will be a pretty dull evening. There are a couple of other speakers and it's going basically be a bunch of geeks getting together to talk about Perl. It's available to all, though, including anyone who's interested in learning Perl. Details are on the Portland Perl Mongers link above.
Tryin' to say I ain't done smart nuff to come to y'alls nice meetin'? :)

I kind of figured that but it just sounded so interesting.
Actually, it would be nice if you came to the meeting. One problem we've struggled with is trying to get more women interested in programming. It's a very male dominated field and that's been a subject of much discussion as to "why". My only reason for posting what I did is to give you fair warning that you might find the rest of the talks boring (though they're lightning talks which means they will all be 8 minutes or shorter).
A few 8 minute cat naps sound nice to me :)

You are right. I would be in over my head, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't grasp the conepts even if just at a very basic level. Boring? Learning something new is rarely boring to me. With my school/work schedule I may not even be able to go.

I do not program and don't know what I would be in for. Thank you for the warning.
Congratulations! That's really exciting! The Ovid legend grows... :)

Good on you. I know you'll do a kick-ass job.