While I agree with you on the point of taxation, I disagree on the right to vote. With obvious exceptions (soldiers or diplomats stationed abroad, citizens abroad temporarily, etc.) I always feel that it is a little disingenuous to demand the right to vote in a country one doesn't live in.
Given that Americans are raised to believe that the revolutionary war leading to the birth of our country was over taxation without representation, this is hypocrisy. I believe that it's a hypocrisy which has arisen innocently as an outgrowth of poorly coordinated laws, but that doesn't change the facts at hand.

Note that I'm not particularly objecting to the idea that my daughter will likely not be allowed to vote (I know there are arguments both ways). I object to the idea that she may be forced to pay taxes to a democracy she's not allowed to participate in.
Agreed- as I said, I agree on the point of taxation. If you pay taxes or if you live in a country, you should be entitled to vote, as you clearly have an interest.