Bad Stuph

Humph. She was there. She's too damned cute. I shouldn't think about that.

In other news, I fascinated myself with material that everyone else would find boring: trying to tweak activation functions of neural networks. No dice. I need help. Bummer.

And it was a great night at Flux.
glad you had a good night. i went to an interesting wedding. cans o' PBR o' plenty. eek!

Crap! I knew I was forgetting something. I'll try to remember to head down and get the ticket today. Thanks for the reminder.

PBR wedding? Fun stuff, Maynard. I was at a BYOB wedding, once. Actually, I was the minister presiding over everything. The groom realized I hadn't brought any alcohol and he handed me a warm can of Coors. I still have nightmares.
Eeeewww....Coors is bad enough, but warm? I'm having nightmares at the thought! at least they had some halfway decent wine, too. whew.

No prob about the reminder....I know you said you didn't really want to go (as in didn't like his new stuff) so don't feel like I'm twisting your arm. :P
I think it'll be fun, though...
I must have misspoken, then. It's not that I don't want to go. I was just disappointed with his last album. Still, I suspect that he'll put on an awesome show. The last one was fantastic.

Still, you can twist my arm if you like. You have my permission :)
It was wonderful to see you... even whilst writhing in embarrassed discomfort.

Hey... LJ is hiring Perl Programmers... incase ya care. :)