Actually, no. It's been ruled repeatedly that simply because we have debt (whether to the government or otherwise), our rights as a citizen as guaranteed under the Constitution may not be removed. That, for example, is why we don't have debtor's prisons.

This is the government denying services if you fail to pay your taxes and I agree that this is fair. On the other hand, there's a reason why we're the only country I know of, aside from the impoverished Eritrea, which is happy to tax people living in other countries (mind you, that's legal residents of the US living abroad and not just citizens). However, what do we get in exchange for double taxation?

  • We're not counted on the census, thus losing representation
  • Up to a third of our ballots are not counted in elections, thus losing representation
  • We're denied access to the Medicare we've paid into all our lives (unless we're retired military)
  • If retired, we receive smaller Social Security benefits, though we've paid them all our lives
  • We're sometimes getting denied bank accounts because foreign banks are tired of being hassled by the IRS regarding FBAR violations.

Many people don't realize this, but once you move overseas, the US government doesn't give much of a damn about you.

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