Back Home (again)

I've not been online much lately due to house sitting for a friend. Unfortunately, when he and his wife left for Burning Man, he had just reinstalled Linux and forgot to set up an account for me, thus leaving me with no 'Net while at his house.

The last week has been great and, once I figure out how to download the images from my phone, those who've been promised copies will get them. (And razorslave, in case you were too drunk to remember, you did promise to send me a link to some photos ...)

And finally, before I get back to my apartment and seeing what's decayed in the week while I was away, Happy Birthday, Karen!. It was a great party.

And my sincerest apologies to everyone who knows why I thought it was a great party :)
hmm.. boot the kernel single user and add an account?
Can I please get a copy of the picture of me? Pretty please? Mwah.

And dude, don't apologize for having a good time. You were lovely.
The pic is on its way
I just sent you an email with two copies of your pic. The original is impossible to make out. The second has had a bit of touching up so you can actually see the image. It even brought out a (fuzzy) image of the birthday girl in the background which I didn't see in the first image.