Interviewed by winterr

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* What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

Hey, we're only at the first question and already this sucks. Let's just say that I don't have a lot of memories of my childhood. I seem to vaguely recall getting bored with cartoons at a fairly early age, but, I don't remember what I watched or why. I do have a recollection of watching the Star Trek cartoon once or twice, so I'll pick that one for lack of a better answer.

* Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes, but the guy deserved it :) (just kidding)

Seriously, I think I broke my right big toe when I was 17. I tripped while running and hurt it and the next day I dropped a huge can of cheese sauce on the same spot. To this day it still hurts me from time to time. Other than that, no.

* What are your favorite types of novels to read?

I'd say that I lean toward hard science fiction, but I sometimes read thrillers and more conventional stuff like Kingsolver and Kotzwinkle (both of whom are awesome).

Oh, and anything that either Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman put out.

* Sweet or sour?

Sour baby, all the way. I used to eat so many of that super sour gum that's popular that I would burn my tongue. I still add too much lemon to my Hollandaise sauce.

* If you were to have a super-deficiency (as opposed to a super-power), what would it be?

Every once in a while I wish I lacked emotions. Then I wouldn't give a damn about my family.
So speaking of that there Neil Gaiman there... *laughing* Clearly getting together is low on both of our priority lists. But I haven't forgotten :)
Oooh, the gloves are off, eh? :)

Definitely not Saturday. Wednesday is not very attractive, but it'll do in a pinch. Thursday looks like the horse to bet on.
Okay, I'm yours for Thursday. 7:00 PM. Where?

Oh, and I suppose I have to surrender the Sandman, too, eh? Was there anything else I had?
Mine, ALL MINE! Mwahahaha.


Hm. What do we want to do? I'm cheap. And easy. I nominate coffee, dinner at someone's house, or um....

..wait.. don't you do Thursday dinners with Sean?

You also have about $1000 of mine, and I think you owe me about five back rubs. nodnod
Also, if we go ahead with Thursday, can we go for 7:30? I'll probably be working until 7.
Actually, you were right about Thursday. I was gone for two weeks, and then my time back was very hectic, so the Thursday gig was put by the way side for a bit. Does Monday work for you? :(
Monday being labor day, I'm hesitant. I like to pretend I might run away for the weekend, even if the chances are slim. How is Tuesday?
Um, yeah. I knew about the Labor Day thing. Really.

Okay, if you commit to Tuesday, give me a time and I'm entering on my calendar immediately. I will be yours (so to speak).

By the way, what the hell is that user icon?
Tuesday, 7:30! Um, it was my place last time. Your place or otherwise? Such negotiations :)

The icon is a horribly cut image of Greek columns from a temple of Artemis.
Dear Gog, this diatribe makes me so happy , warm , and fuzzy wheres my kleenex
Dude that is some funny shit about what Heather asked Sean.

because...once a woman thought my ex-boyfriend "Greg" was my son. Stop laughing!

I left you a post on Heathers journal.

Re: funny!
What? Greg's not your son? I just thought it was a kinky incest thing. Glad you cleared that up for me.

I hope Heather doesn't feel too bad about that. It was an innocent mistake.