Ovid's Guide To Not Meeting Women

Happened a while ago, but the embarrassment is still fresh in my mind. She was cute and we were having a conversation. I, for once, was actually making small talk and I was rather proud of myself. We didn't talk for long, though, and when we parted, I didn't get her number because I knew I would be running into her again. Instead, I said "It was nice almost meeting you."

I was several steps away before I realized that I had actually said "It was almost nice meeting you." We never spoke again.
Actually I think I would have been able to have seen the funny side of that, after getting over the initial womanly reaction. :)
Hee hee. If you run into her again you can tell her it was only "almost nice" because you didn't get her number.
at least you talked to her. i try to listen as much as possible - that way i don't say something stupid!
Well, I'm pretty sure you told this story for the comic effect, but if you really think you blew it somehow, I'd say to let yourself off the hook and thank your intuition for its clever play, because if the bitch was offended enough by that comment to not see you again, you saved yourself from a world of heartache and headache (mostly the latter).
thats it!!!
i want to make a reality show following you and synthcat around on your romantic tials and tribulations. Maybe it will show how many blind women are out there in our circle who dont snatch you two up . you guys are good , nice, and employed gents i dont get it . I so want you to find what i have found with carolee , but i have and still am going through hell (divorce/custody/homesale) to arrive where i am emotionally but at least i have been tasting heaven for 9-10 months now which makes the journey easier. My best to you Ovi and will clue you in if I see something worthy of your attention. Next time i hear some girl say why cant i meet a nice stable guy to love , I will slap(jus kidding) her gently show her your picture and say "WAKE UP"