Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Overseas Exile - Relaxing

It's clear that if I don't repost new Overseas Exile posts here, my traffic drops. I'm actually getting a fairly decent amount of traffic at that blog, including traffic from Google, so I'm sure it will turn out to be self-sustaining.

In the meantime, I'm relaxing a tad. Posting every single day was draining and I'm no longer going to strive to have seven posts a week as I did at first.

I have, however, started writing software which will allow me to better organize posts per county. My intent is to start researching, even briefly, every country out there, including providing Wikipedia links, CIA World Factbook Links, Google maps, and an organized breakdown. Due to the search feature on the site, it should then be easy to find just about any content you want.
Tags: travel
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