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One Day Left

Tomorrow is the last day before my vacation ends. It's been a very relaxing week and a half off and I'm almost sorry I'll be starting a new job on Monday, but money talks: it says goodbye.

Somehow during my relaxation, I still found time to bang out some code that solves a nasty class of problem that people sometimes run into, but regrettably, few people even understand it. Sometimes it's a bit depressing being a programmer with a lot of non-programmer friends. It tough to talk about what I do, so I often don't even try. Heck, many of my geek friends don't know what I do. Of course, then they talk to me about their geek jobs and my eyes glaze over, so I suppose it goes both ways.

Still, things are going well with me. I have a new job, my quitting smoking in April was successful (!) and I've lost about six pounds on my diet. All in all, life is good right now.
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