I Am Not Dead

I have been a bit burned out on LJ and other online activities since I did so much of that while in Vermont. However, I'm back and I just thought I'd say "hi" to everyone out there.

My flight back was horrific. On the first flight, the toilet had broken, wouldn't flush and everyone was effectively stuck in an outhouse for an hour and a half flight. And it was late. As a result, when I ran to my connecting flight, even though the plane had not left the terminal, they had finished boarding and everything was closed up. I begged the person at the counter and they called into the plane and received permission for me to board anyway. Otherwise, I would have been a day late coming back.

Since I've been back, I haven't had much need for my allergy medicine (which is weird) and actually have had a week and a half off. I start my new job on Monday and get a chance to simply relax, read, and drink too much coffee.

And play too much Nethack, but that's another story.
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Re: oh yeah...
Only with a fellow Nethack player can I lament accidentally killing my pet kitten while hallucinating.
Re: oh yeah...
I hate when I kill my pet with magic missile ricochet in nethack. I have been play ToME lately which is a branch of angband, but I always go back to playing nethack.
Welcome back
...And I thought you had fallen into a ^.

(sorry, couldn't resist).