I thought I should keep you in the loop on this...

Yesterday, I was reading an article about Rengal, you know, the representative from Harlem, NY. My wheels started turning. You're going to like where this goes...

So, I recalled that New York used to be New Amsterdam. And I thought that Harlem can't be an accidental naming, so I looked up the history of the burrough, and it is indeed named after Haarlem, Holland.

For fun, I checked Google maps to see where Haarlem is located in respect to Amsterdam. A quick calculation: 11 miles?! Just past Schiphol. That can't be! (But it is.)

I emailed M about it, because after looking at Haarlem I realised it was 4 miles from the coast... the beach! You're fucking 15 miles from the beach?!?!? You need a bike! From your place, it is like an hour, maybe an hour and half bike ride to the beach. From your place to central Haarlem is shorter distance than from my house to the Cedar Hills Mall in Beaverton.

When I got home, I shared this with M. She was like "You don't have to convince me, I already told you that we can move there at any time." We looked at Haarlem together, including rents for places, and it looks cute and reasonable. The appeal of Amsterdam to me is the architecture, but a 40 minute flat bike commute from Haarlem to Amsterdam is a bit appealing, considering it would be, literally, minutes from the beach. I don't know if Haarlem is as douchy as central Amsterdam, but it looks really cute. The weather, in my opinion, is great, and I'm sure that in the summer the beach is awesome.

Anyway, our gears are turning. We'll see if we take Dutch classes or if this high wears off a bit. I do plan on being back. It seems that the PDX->AMS flight may be a staple of our trips to Europe. After flying EasyJet, it seems best to just hop a train from AMS to wherever. The flight definitely didn't save us any time; we almost could have taken a train from London to Paris to Amsterdam in the same time as (either of) our flight(s).

I still want to give things another year and I want to see Barcelona before making any real, solid decisions. But I will stay tuned to your blog and if you want to help me with my CV, please do. I generally use LinkedIn as a starting place/repository of my experience and build a resume from there. But I do have a google-doc'd version on line. I can email that to you if you want, but I can't do it from work because I don't have access to googledocs.

Learning Dutch I think would be fun either way, whether we end up there or not.

Oh, and speaking of the weather; it looks like we just missed snow! Thankfully (I don't like snow)! Enjoy it.

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If you don't like snow, northern Europe might not be your best choice, but knowing your political inclinations, you'd love it up here :)

Send me your CV if you'd like and I'll try and figure out what opportunities there may be for you. Hope it works out!
I want to know if you got to lesson 20?

Fun ready about your travels and such over there Curtis. It's a long way from Regence......