Plurals in Dutch

Continuing with the Assimil courses and am only at lesson 4 (one a day), and already I'm seeing "fun" complexities of the language I would take for granted in English. I can see now that the plurals are going to give me fits. How do you make a work plural in Dutch? By adding "en" to the end. "Book, books" is "boek, boeken". Of course, we sort of do this in English, too. Think "child, children". Of course, just to make it more interesting, they add "eren" to some words to make them plural. "Child, children" is "kind, kinderen". And to round it out, I've found out that they even add "s" to some words, just to further confuse foreigners. "Film, films" is the same in Dutch and English.

Today is a day that I really don't want to study a new language, but I don't think I can skip any. Hence, my blogging about this silly (and boring) stuff on the theory that it keeps my honest. If we get to November 30th and I'm not on my 20th lesson, I've been lazy.
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You'll learn to appreciate plurals and diminuatives, as they simplify the question of which article to use. - A
With your "Film, Films" example, "Filmen" actually means Filming. So that's why "Films" is different than "Filmen" :-).

I personally think there are a lot of similarities between Dutch and English. I suppose in time you'll, hopefully, see the same. I hear a lot that Dutch is one of the most hardest languages to learn. Even from some foreign friends.

Well, good luck with it :-).
Then there's all the words who have been shortened (sometimes with an apostrophe):
auto's (automobiel?)
motors (motorcycle?)
foto's (fotograven?)

and then words who already end with -el and -er
telefoons (not sure what rule this came from)
cameras (I'll blame this one on being foreign)

Frankly, the only way to keep it straight is to listen to enough of it that, like any child, you can say "Hm, THIS is the ending that 'sounds right'!"

"Sounds right" later becomes the best guide (even when it's wrong, like sneaked sounds wrong-er than "snuck".
"Kind, kinderen" is like "child, children", yes. A "double" suffix.

But "boek, boeken" is more like "ox, oxen". :)

Yup, three different suffixes for plural. And wow, essentially the same three used in Dutch? How convenient! :)

... or it would be, if they would pick the same in each case ...

Yeah, "sounds right" sounds right.