Health Care Reform Has Passed

It was a hard battle, but Health Care Reform has passed. After months of watching Republicans on their knees, awkwardly fumbling at the zippers of insurance company executives, the wait is over. Now if they try to overturn it, it won't be seen as obstructionist; it will be seen as taking away people's rights. I'm very curious how they're going to deal with this.

I mean, what can the Republicans do? Lobby to reopen the donut hole and lose the senior citizen vote? Try to take away the insurance coverage extended to children? Allow the insurance companies to deny coverage to sick people? Allow insurance companies to reinstate the pre-existing condition clauses? Remove the out-of-pocket expense cap?

I think the only political play the Republicans really have is removing the fine for not having health insurance. In 2014, if you don't have health insurance, you could face a fine of up to $2,085, but you'll be able to buy coverage from a new "American Health Benefit Exchange" at a cost which cannot exceed 8% of your income.

The problem is that people who don't have coverage and get ill will go to emergency rooms and those costs will likely be passed on to everyone else. By fining people if they don't have coverage, we encourage them to get coverage and give them the opportunity to seek less expensive forms of medical care. However, this is still viewed as coercive and I can see it getting overturned (and am I required to get health insurance now? I'm covered by the NHS).

But what does this mean for you now? According to Reuters, this year we'll see lifetime coverage limits eliminated and you can't be dropped from coverage just because you're sick. Children can't be excluded for pre-existing conditions. Parents can keep children on their health plan until the children turn 26. If you have no insurance but you do have a pre-existing condition, you can still get health coverage.
Tax credits will be provided to small businesses to make it easier to offer coverage.

How many of those provisions can Republicans attack? They can't, really. They managed to get people upset about vague issues they didn't understand, but they never really connected on the underlying issues. Witness, for example, these Tea Baggers explaining their protesting.

The Republicans have an uphill battle and if the reform pays off, the Democrats, for years on end, will be able to point out that it was the Republicans who were fighting for the corporations and against the people.
See, the problem is (and please correct me if I missed something), it won't work.

The biggest problem we have in the US is there isn't enough supply to meet the demand. We needed to make "reforms" in how our doctors, nurses, and medical technicians are trained before there will ever be any real change in the US healthcare system. And this bill did not address that problem.

We could have spent a fraction of the money this bill would cost towards setting up a quasi-nationalized system to train medical professionals, and created jobs in the process. But God forbid we talk about re-evaluating a system that only allows a fixed percentage of graduates to "pass" (regardless of their actual grade and qualifications) and increasing the abilities of people like RNs, NPs, and licensed pharmacists to treat and prescribe for minor ailments.

Hell, even the average Paramedic has enough experience and training to handle probably 80% of all routine medical care requirements.
As I understand it, the Republicans are seeking to block the reconciliation by having it declared unconstitutional:

From the BBC
"The Republicans say they will seek to repeal the measure, challenge its constitutionality and co-ordinate efforts in state legislatures to block its implementation."
You just knew they were going to come up with something. Unfortunately, there are some activist conservative judges on the Supreme Court who like to be, er, creative in their judgments.
I have been a victim of the USA's "great" health care all of my life.. best health care in the world? HAHAHAHAHAHA i wonder who moved the rock for most of those interviews.. most don't even know what is going on, but they decided to dress strange and make cardboard pitch forks and come out and fight against something ehh?. wow... just wow.

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