Bitch, bitch, bitch

No, we're not talking about any of my exes here. Actually, for the most part, there isn't an "ex" in my life who would really qualify as such.

We're actually talking about my friend Gav. Well, not Gav per se, but the site that he set up so people could Bitch about stuff. It's an anonymous, free blog. He was thinking it was a place for people to just let off some steam, bitch about their boss, their job, etc.

It's turned out much darker than that. Some of the entries are truly disturbing. It's fascinating how the oddest little experiments on the Web can lead to such unexpected results.
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Just saw your comment...brilliant! lol!

What a fucktard!!

(Please excuse me - I've been looking for a reason to pull that gem out of my 8th grade bag for some time now.)
Open cheek, insert tongue
I assumed that the guy (or chick) who posted that was joking. which is not to say the world suffers from a dearth of dim bulbs. Anyway, I hope it was a joke, as i laughed and I laughed. Scandanavian people like the Swedes and the Kurds piss me off.