Another fake "Obama was born in Kenya" rumor

Birthers fail another one. They cite a 2004 "AP" story as evidence that Obama was born in Kenya. Turns out that the Associated Press did not, in fact, mention that Obama was from Kenya. Seems the "Kenyan-born" reference was added by an author who didn't bother to fact-check his sources.

His birth certificate has been released. Hawaiian state officials have verified that it's real. Hawaiian newspapers at the time of his birth had his birth notice. The courts have routinely tossed cases about this because there's no credible evidence he was born in Kenya. The "Kenyan" birth certificate which was released turned out to be a poorly made forgery. Several respected conservative magazines have investigated this and determined that Obama was born in Hawaii. Would you people who insist upon "knowing the truth about where Obama was born" knock it off? We already know the answer and there are far more important things to pay attention to.
Ignorance is bad enough, deliberately perpetuating ignorance should be a crime. How much suffering in the world has been caused by lying to large groups of people!
The man doesn't KNOW THE TRUTH! ... it just isn't in him. He will deceive in anyway he knows how and has NO qualms about it. THERE ARE TOO MANY SECRETS IN HIS PAST .. yes, there are far many things to worry about and one of the BIGGEST is.....will this country SURVIVE OBAMAS attempt as a COMMUNIST DICTATOR!!
You know, I sometimes don't bother to unscreen anonymous comments, but your comment was just too funny to ignore.

Your IP address claims you're from Georgia (yeah, I know, those aren't scientific), so I'm guessing you're an American and I'll further guess that you, like many Americans, are unaware that there is no significant left wing in the US. I've traveled the world and lived in four different countries and I can promise you that Obama is a far cry from a socialist, much less a communist (do you know the difference without looking it up?) The US is the major democracy which is the furthest to the right on the planet, but Americans are seem clueless that there are other countries with moderate (i.e., not as idiotically extreme as the US) politics where people are -- gasp! -- happy.
Obama still is a bigger man than George W Bush in one key way.

George W. Bush lied to the American people, and the world, about Iraq's ability to build and possess "weapons of mass destruction" that has resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 people.
Please tell me that this is just a bored troll and nobody *seriously* thinks this way?
This is actually the first I've heard of this and to me it seems petty in the extreme and ridiculous. Surely there are much more important matters for people to be focusing on and discussing? Isn't the verification of his Hawaiian birth certificate and exposure of a poorly made forgery enough to stop people from perpetuating a known lie?
There's something that the conspiracy nuts always forget in a case like this...

American politics is mostly about digging out and throwing dirt at the opponent. And if you find that your opponent CAN'T legally become President, wouldn't YOU use it? Preferably just before the election so that the opposing party will have to scramble to explain away their goof and at the same time, dig out an alternative candidate to run in the election.
And yes, I have no doubt that they researched each other that extensively, and would have used it.
Come on! Do you expect me to believe a black man can born in the US and be president? This has to be the work of the Kenya Illuminati.