That reminds me of the day i asked my dad, " So how did Columbus discover America when there were already people here? what happened to the people and when are we going to give them their land back?.. well you have to since they had it first right??"
Born in Fort Worth, raised in and around San Antonio. No longer consider myself a Texan, though. I've not been back in almost 25 years.
I was born in Killeen and raised in Navasota, College Station, and Houston. I hadn't lived there in oh 20 years and hadn't visited in 12+ years.

Do you miss blue bonnets and indian paint brushes at all?
There's just about nothing in Texas that I miss. The first four things you learn to say are "please", "thank you", "sir" and "ma'am", which paradoxically raises a very polite group of racists.
Oddly enough, neither of my parents are remotely racist. My dad's wife of 15 years is black and my mom is the nicest and least hateful person on the planet but a closet republican. :P

How's that for some family facts from a stranger?
Heh. I was exaggerating, but I realize that some folks might not take it that way. My fiancée is black, so as an ex-Texan I'm also pretty much immune to the racism issue, but I encountered a lot of racism growing up in Texas. It was pretty awful.
I've lived in Texas, Florida, and now Tennessee. I think every where is racist to a degree. Some places are more quiet about it and vice versa. I moved from the beach to a tiny town in Tennessee hoping for a more laid back sweet existence for my kids and never in my life have I been so surrounded by narrow minded jerks, it's almost comical. As if every redneck joke was intended as truth.

But I did send the comic to my brother who has never moved from Texas(big truck, big gun, McCain lovin) and he said something about the lawn maintenance at the Alamo. :P
We're heading back tomorrow. Unfortunately, we don't have time to meet for a drink. We deliberately kept our visit here low-key since we're just here for Lil's wedding and already had tons of folks wanting to hang out.
I'm crazy busy this weekend but I'd love to get a quick hug if you are downtown.

call me 503 548 8994
I miss you so much!