Leïla Contraire So it turns out my trip to Portugal was more eventful than I thought. Leïla, the woman to the right, foolishly agreed to marry me. No date is set for the wedding, but given that it will be a mix of French, American, and English cultures (one of these things is not like the others), it should be interesting. I have a larger Lisbon, Portugal photoset on Flickr, if you care to see it.

We also mentioned this on Facebook. My favorite comment so far was by a French gentleman whose English appears about on par with my French. He wrote "We enjoy the weeding ceremony". Seems like a rather appropriate mistake :)
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wow. congrats. saw the tweets too. have you introduced her to gnome planner?
When you set a date, make sure to put it far enough ahead so that some *cough* people can attend. What a perfect excuse to go to England.

Rock on, sir!
Oh, a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Congratulations to both of you, we should attempt to catch up soon. :)
OH MY GOSH!@*#& Congratulations!!! My jaw has dropped through the basement, I guess I have been failing to pay attention!