Soul Searching

I went looking for my soul last night. I didn't find it. I'm not sure what happened to it. I'm afraid the hotel maids might not have recognized it and threw it out with the trash when they were cleaning my room.

At first I didn't realize that I was missing it, but this sort of thing sneaks up on you. Any of my friends would have noticed immediately. First of all, I was watching TV. I never watch TV. I'm not one of those people who loftily claims not to watch TV and then guiltily admits that there are one or two shows that I try and catch. I honestly do not watch the thing. I have a TV to watch movies, but I haven't turned it on in months. The fact that I'm sitting in a hotel room watching TV is a bad, bad sign.

And I was eating McDonalds. I swore off the clown meat a while ago, but they are right outside of my hotel room and they're cheap. What better accompaniment to the zombie box than this unfood? Yesterday, I was sitting at the writing desk in my room eating a Quarter Pounder. I was thinking "this stuff really isn't that bad." Then I sniffed it.

McDonalds needs to put warning labels on all of their products:

Do not Sniff!

Every time I have sniffed a McDonalds' sandwich, I get an unhealthy whiff of something. What is this thing I smell? Is this the smell of "no longer ready for prime time" beef? Or is it, as I suspect, a hint of something more foul? I am partaking of the archfiend himself. I washed down the unholy sacrament with a chocolate milkshake and tried not think about what that might symbolize. I did not sniff it.
good lord....
STop you cant do this you are going to upset the balance damnit! that is my territory. I'm the fast food eating / TV humping nihlist not you . Does jesus run on down to hell and start sinning ? No he stays up in heaven does good... LOL when are you coming back? Are you gonna need photography for that other project you mentioned?
Re: good lord....
The other project is on hold for a bit. I want to see what's happening with my next job and figure out what to do from there. I would like to do the photography at some point, though.

I'll be arriving in town on Wednesday night. I am definitely looking forward to being back and sleeping in my bed (or someone else's for that matter -- I'm not picky so long as it's not a damned hotel room :)
Hon, that beef was NEVER ready for prime time! I read somewhere that Taco Bell uses "Grade E" beef for its food. I'm sure that McDonald's is no different. Now, I've heard of Grade A beef, but Grade E? What does that mean? The cows didn't graze on the same verdant pastures as those snobby Black Angus cattle on the hill? Is the meat cut with something else (cat, perhaps)? Part of me really wants to know, but I'm afraid that if I go researching I'll never be able to out again.
Re: Gak.
The cows didn't graze on the same verdant pastures as those snobby Black Angus cattle on the hill?

No. I think it was molding flesh rotting on hirsute carcasses in a cut-rate slaughterhouse. (If you say "verdant", I can say "hirsute". Serves you right for using ten-dollar words, missy. Of course, watching me write such a tortured paragraph just to use that word is pretty damned painful.)

Incidentally, this is the second time I've eaten at McDs whilst in Vermont. The first time found me drooling at the thought of two chicken sandwiches for two bucks. I sniffed those sandwiches, too. I wound up throwing out the second sandwich because they smelled so disgusting. What I can't understand is what the hell prompted me to go back to that "restaurant". It's embarrassing.
I have a suspicion that McDonalds burgers here aren't even meat at all (beef or otherwise). I've been vegetarian for two years and I was in the situation recently when I had to eat a Happy Meal cheeseburger, and usually if there's even so much as a cross-contamination of meat in food I eat I can become quite ill for the next couple of days, which just didn't happen.

This has led me to the conclusion that British McDonald burgers are nothing but artificially meat flavoured tofu, which really explains why they are that strange colour when you chop them in half and why everything seems to taste of plastic. But I admit I've yet to sniff one.
*snort* You poor dear.

As one work traveller to another: TV is a pacifier when you're not at home. Enjoy the cable. Perhaps catch an old movie or neat nature show.... even a cartoon. TV is my companion when I'm out of town for work, unless I can find -anything- else to do.

McDonald's? I still haven't been desperate enough while away from home to venture into McD's. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'd rather eat a burrito from a gas station. :P I try to get my travel person to book me into places which have a kitchen, or at least a refridgerator and microwave. PB&J and yoghurt are my friends.

See you soon :)