Misadventures In Language

Today my girlfriend was making lunch for us and it looked lovely. I asked her what she was making and she replied tarte au thon. She speaks quietly and my French is not perfect, so when I mispronounced this as tarte au con, she was a bit surprised.

It's natural when one is not fluent to inadvertently say the wrong thing, but referring to "tuna pie" as "cunt pie" was particularly unfortunate.
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No, that would be tarte à la bitte. Given that she's a native French speaker, I'm sure she didn't completely forget her language :)

Oh, and to be fair, tarte au con could also be translated as "stupid pie". It's a word with an ambiguous meaning, but I like my translation better.

I do find it rather ironic (though common) that la bitte, or cock, is feminine and le con, or cunt, is masculine. Those wacky French!
Oh well, my old French swearing dictionary was wrong then- I distinctly remember an entire section on variations of 'con', where the dictionary claimed that the French just used "prick" in all its variants as a multi-purpose swear word.

However, checking dictionaries just now confirms what you say.

Never mind, at least the dictionary was right in its assertion that it is offensive... ;)