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Worst. Joke. Ever.

Last night I went back to my old house in Ealing Broadway and picked a a few remaining things, got my deposit back from the landlord and hurt my back -- again -- by being stuck standing and stooped over on an overcrowded bus for half an hour. By the time Greg and I got home, I was in a poor mood, so I bought a bottle of Bruichladdich (whiskey) and Greg and I just sat, smoked, drank and chatted the remainder of the evening away. And that's when, without warning, I said:

I once knew a girl so stupid she had her eustachian tubes tied and now she can't hear her baby crying.

It was intended as a joke and I've no idea where it came from (I think I made it up on the spot and it's not particularly funny), but that's the strange way my mind has been working lately. In fact, plenty of strange things (words) are rummaging around in my brain. The other night, while washing the dishes and doing laundry, I walked over to my computer, opened it up, and wrote a seven page short story. It all just poured out of me. It's rather bizarre and I've no idea what's going on but I expect that stress from having so many things to juggle is part of it. I won't complain about it getting me writing again. I'll just go with the strange flow for now.

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