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Tube Strike

Tonight we will enjoy a Tube strike lasting 48 hours. This is annoying because bright and early tomorrow morning, I need to be at the US Embassy to renew my passport. Fortunately, because I'm a BBC employee, I can walk from the embassy to the Broadcasting House (BH) and catch a shuttle to the BBC Media Village (near the Television Centre, or TVC) in which I work.

Walking from the US embassy to the Broadcasting House is a 17 minute walk and having a back injury, I'm not keen on this. If I want to save a bit of time, I could instead walk to our Marylebone High Street (MHS) offices (good luck pronouncing that correctly if you don't live here) and catch the shuttle bus there. After reading the instructions we've been sent, I've opted not to. I reprint the relevant section here, verbatim.

Customers catching the MHS shuttle going from BH to TVC are recommended to catch the earlier shuttle going from TVC to BH and then waiting on the shuttle at BH to guarantee getting a seat.

Got that? Seems Auntie Beeb has Alzheimer's.

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