Embarrassment: when a French person asks for your help with pronunciation, don't correct them by teaching them how things are said in Texas.

I haven't been back to Texas in almost two and a half decades, so the idea that I still pronounce some things that way is a bit of a shocker.

And if you must know, the word was "genuine". The "i" is pronounced with the "i" in "pig", not "swine". She was pronouncing it like the "ea" in "wean".
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Genuween ! i like that best

when are you coming back for a visit? i need to print that icon pic for you..
I moved to Texas about 4 years ago after living in DC my entire life and I am still getting used to the way many Texans pronounce things. That and just some of the Texas expressions.
LOL! I always thought they were two different words! The sw(ine) pronunciation meaning "faux" and and the other way meaning "real."