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You know, I love cats, but I think they've lost sense of that whole "predator/prey" thing.

Either that, or they're one heck of a lot smarter than we've given them credit for. I don't think I can decided which.

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I wish I could, but with trips to Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Ashland (Lil's wedding) and Germany, I'm a bit booked up :/
I hope to. I should be in Oregon for two weeks, but I don't know how much of that time will be spent in Ashland or if I'll even be able to get to Portland for a weekend night out.
No, it's just an ugly, spoilt, over-weight, in-bred ball of fluff.

I can catalogue the Dead Stuff that my cats leave under my dining table or on the deck for you if you like: so far this week we have had two mice, a baby greenfinch and a robin!

It's just an ugly, spoilt, over-weight, in-bred ball of fluff.

Right on all counts. I still think it's cute as the dickens. (Of course, to me, all cats are cute by default).

oh, wow, that cat is so CUUUUUTE!

that said, i've recently read a good set articles on cat communication, and one of them asks the question, "have cats evolved to communicate with humans?" here is an excerpt:

in 2002, a Cornell University researcher investigated whether cats vocally manipulate their humans