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Relearning French

My brother Greg (yossarian69) moved in Yesterday. We'll probably stay here for a couple of months prior to moving closer to central London. Meanwhile, my temporary housemate, Armgard, who speaks English, German and Afrikaans (she's Nigerian, if you're curious), is studying Spanish. She told Greg and myself about a wonderful Web site named LiveMocha, another social networking site. Why would I join yet another site like this? Because they are centered around offering free language lessons. So far, they seem to be pretty good. Greg and I have signed up to learn French. I thought about jumping ahead to French 102, but decided to play it safe and stick with 101. Good thing I did. The lessons are much more comprehensive than I thought.

The site requires Javascript and Flash, but that's OK because the quality of the courses is fairly rich. You'll need speakers to listen to people, but you'll also need a microphone to record your voice and let other people listen to what you say and give feedback on how well you say it. The "social networking" aspect is that you can add friends and you can ask complete strangers to review your work. This is pretty common and I've reviewed the English of people from Japan, the Russian Federation, Brazil, and quite a few other places. Enjoy!

Update: even though livemocha is a social networking site, I do find it a bit odd that you can set your "Relationship Status". If I'm looking for a relationship, I certainly wouldn't be doing that on a language learning site.

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