I've never managed to get any of my body parts on the BBC. So you're one up on me there :)
If the BBC only knew where that hand has been, they would have locked you up in the tower.
Who knows, you may soon be fighting duels with Thing from Addams Family...

But then it would be so un-novel. Novelty is the spice of life. Maybe it's karma for you moving away. Maybe I need sleep.
We should start a club :-)
My hand is on the cover illustration for a book of poetry.

Anybody else got unidentifiable body parts illustrating things :-)


Ok, I have to ask: they needed an image for a radio program?! Is this some sort of newfangled technology that beams pictures through speakers or something?
Yes, they use images for radio programmes just for aesthetic reasons. It's good to go out to the Web site and see something

There was actually a "visual radio" project (can't remember the exact name) here for a bit, but they killed it after enough people realized that the entire concept sounded a bit silly.