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Day 2 and Cheating

It's really easy to make it to "Day 2" of no profanity. Just get sick and not work.

The night before last, elves snuck into my mouth and took sand paper to my uvula. Not the back of my throat (which feels fine), but that dangly bit back there. Swallowing is painful and I can't recall ever having a sore throat quite this bad. Apparently this is going around, but that's not much consolation. Even with the anesthetic cough drops and the Tylenol with codeine, I still have that lethargy that comes with fighting an infection.

What's even worse is my realization that I seem to be getting sick far more often here in London than I have anywhere else. Of course, I've not actually tracked this so I can't prove it, but I really do feel like my body is saying nasty things about this part of the world.
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