I am, again, back on "Day 1" of no profanity. I can't believe how incredibly hard this is. My brother Greg asked me how long I was going to do this for and I replied, "I'd just be pretty happy to complete three day."

Greg replied, "You're going to have to wait an awfully long time then."
I hope you told him to go fuck himself. ;)

Sorry -- I'm probably not helping!
i not so secretly plot your fail in this quest! have you seen 2 girls 1 cup? nobody can watch that and not swear ! if you can then your training is done and you have to leave the temple
So, you're going cold turkey. Have you considered a stepped approach? Start by eliminating George Carlin's 7, then when you get comfortable with that, start on the 'lesser' swear words.
I'd love to see you get past Day 1! I'm certain I use profanity far more than is required.

There's something calming about uttering a "SHIT!" or "FUCK!" at key moments in the day. I don't think "goodness gracious me, that's not very good is it?" has the same effect.

Good luck though - you're a braver man than I.
I know you haven't got to where you want to be, but good on you for keeping going. Your perseverance is an achievement in itself.

Best of luck! It's inspiring to try such a thing myself.

Although - do you count it if you think it? I've thought such things today but haven't actually spoken them aloud.
I love how cold turkey quitting any really shows you how pervasive the habit was/is in your life.
Given that most of my friends are either mocking me, trying to talk me out of it or saying "I could never do that", I think I'm on my own :)