Now Music Lovers Can Hate Microsoft Too.

Hmm, that's an interesting remix of Roxanne, by the Police.

Did you think Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" was too depressing? Let's fix that.

All courtesy of Microsoft Songsmith.

Want more? Just search for Songsmith on YouTube. "White Wedding" was so incredibly painful that I couldn't bring myself to link it here.
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I managed to listen to a third of Roxanne, but I could only stomach eight seconds of Hurt.

My ears. They bleed.



PS Music:Not Quite - haha, brilliant
And silly me watched this after a night out on the town. :baaaaaaarf:
I saw the white wedding one last week. Why did they mess with it? Horrible!
Sweet! Some of those songs are much improved - I kind of got a Benny Hill/western cahse scene into my head for White Wedding
Oh my God I didn't know music could hurt so much.

Track down the Van Halen clip if you want more pain than a human being was ever supposed to endure.